Welcome to the World Little One!

Being Mommy and Daddy to a newborn comes with many new responsibilities, so I aim to make your photo session fun and relaxing. I am honored to capture your tiny blessing and safety is always my number one priority. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy a few quite moments while I capture all the tiny, precious details.  

I am a traveling photographer which means I bring a mini studio to your home. Below is a list of ways to prepare for your session so that we maximize our time together. 

- Do not worry about a perfectly clean home! Again, those precious little ones keep you busy enough, so please do not over exert yourself on my account:)

The exception to this is a lifestyle session. Any spaces that you would like to use, please have them cleared of anything that you would not like in a photo.

- To set up my mini studio, I do need a five to six foot space near a large window or sliding glass door. Once I arrive, I will find the best area and help move any furniture ( don't worry, I'll help move it back too!). If your home does not allow much natural light, I also have lighting.

- Have baby in just a diaper and wrapped in a blanket.  This helps keep baby from being disturbed by undressing.

- Don't blast the air conditioner. No need to turn on the heat here in Florida, but please keep at 75 or above. I also bring a space heater to help keep baby nice and cozy.  

- Try and wait to give baby a full feeding once I arrive. If hungry just prior, of course go right ahead, but just enough to satisfy. While I am setting up is the best time to fill their belly. A full and sleepy baby helps to pose them into those adorable positions and keep them comfortable.

If baby is on a feeding schedule we will schedule accordingly.


And that is all! While I'm photographing your little bundle of joy, feel free to use this time however you feel. You can watch, rest or finish getting yourself photo ready. 

If we have not already discussed a color palate, please email me by clicking HERE with any colors/tones you have in mind. If you're drawing a blank, think of what you would like to see hanging on you walls. What goes with your d├ęcor or baby's nursey? From there I will send you options from my stash of wraps, hats, headbands and outfits :)

Congratulations again and I look forward to seeing you and your newest family member!! 

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