Venue- The Regent $2900

Dinner- Bread Basket Deli- $4500

DJ- DJ Nilla- $500 Will attend Jan meeting to go over timeline and playlist.

Photographer- $300 (possibly make back)

Invites/Tickets- $152. Came in. Deliver before break.

Decorations- approx $800. All on Amazon list. 

Complete Today

1. Photographer Backdrop- $30 Choose from Amazon.

  2. Selfie Station $30- Backdrop from Amazon or create the flower wall discussed at last meeting using students paper flowers from Hart. Brainstorm logistics.

Coffee Filter flower Pinterest

DIY Foamboard Tutorial

3. Drinks- $110. Lead: Tiffany Weber

Cups are on Amazon List, $94

Prior Years notes: Purchased 18 sweet tea & lemonade. 6 gallons remaining. 

Ideas on quantities/drink options?

Lemonade :$3/gal- 15 

Sweet tea(?):$3/gal- 12 

Gallon Water Jug- 20

4. Desserts- $640: NEED LEAD

Dessert plates and napkins are one Amazon List, $190

Dessert Ideas?

Sams Club: Brownies, mini cupcakes, cookies, gluten free option.

5. Flowers: NEED LEAD

Looking for someone to communicate with the floral manger at Sams Club to ensure supply and cost due to recent shortages, especially the Friday after Valentines day.

Untitled photo

Next Month (set a date)

Timeline with DJ Nilla , Scott Bergoch

Organize Volunteers

Finalize Dessert, Drinks and Flowers

Link to last meeting's agenda : September

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