January Sweetheart Dance Agenda


Ticket Sales $5,310.

At $50 per couple end 1/11 AM

193 Tickets sold (104 girls, 89 parents)

35 Photos, $525 


DJ Nilla- Scott Bergoch


Caterer service 6:15- ?

(volunteer will tell him when buffet is closing?)

Details? ie Buffet & Dessert Menu

Dessert- should we set a time?

(so its not gone before dinner is served)

LED Balloons- time suggestions

Last Dance- Time? Song, Butterfly kisses?

Interactive songs

Additional Suggestions?

Song requests?

Budget Update

The Regent- $3,032 *

Bread & Basket Deli - $4,500

Photographer- 0  almost covered in sales

DJ- $500.

Beverage - $250.

Amazon**- $1,207.

Dessert- $511. ? 

Right on Budget $10,000.


Shaquita Simpson     

Decide on menu and amounts

Order deadline?

Start time?

Decorations- Butterfly garland, tulle balloon stands, 6 inch butterflies.

Use Dessert stands?

Gloves and hand sanitizer provided on each table


Tiffany Weber

Order suggestions

 Water 2.5 gallon- 38   (4 cups per person) 

$93.10 @ $2.45/2.5gal

Lemonade 1 gallon- 43 (2 cups per guest) 

$133. @ $3.10/1gal


600 count. Volunteers write names with Sharpie. 

Glove for beverages included on Amazon Cart


provided by The Regent

coolers for ice


Go over design ,colors , 


Linens/ Chairs

Light up balloons 

ideas to secure stick in box. 

8 Groups of 3 or single?

Amazon Cart

Crafting Volunteers


Cricut for Frame

After Supplies arrive

Cut white tulle in one yard strips 480

Fill candy boxes 150

Assemble the 6" butterflies 60

Decorate Frames - 100

Wrap Balloon sticks w/ ribbon ( balloon centerpiece) - 30

Cut pink tulle into      (12"w) for boxes (wait to see boxes) - 24

Cut pink tulle into 1 ft squares (tie backs) - 480


Max amount of sales? 50 or less. 50 groups =  1 every 4 minutes.  If theres lots of duplicates we can raise. Break even at 54 sold.    

Organizing-He recommended calling by grade. I countered with a Sign Up Genuis? Select time blocks ie  6:05-6:30 10 slots 6:35-7..


Butterfies to decorate included on Amazon List

Volunteer to Cricut -sticker or paper?

Verbage  Sweetheart Dance 2022 or just 2022 other wording?

Night of Volunteers

Would like to have leaders/point person for each category.

Desserts- Shaquita?  Beverages- Tiffany?

What time should we tell them to arrive?

All volunteers stay to end and help clean up?

All wear black shirts?

Some alternate areas...

2- Greeters/Busser

If guests have ticket send to the doors or table

If lost ticket send to table.

3- Sign-in Table/ Busser

Take ticket, photo waiver, check list if no ticket. Keep tickets. Do

not throw away.

4- Collect Tickets at door (2) & patio(2)/ Busser

Will have clipboard with photo waivers & baggie for tickets.

4 - (2) Dessert Tables

4- (2) Beverage Tables

3- Photographer

1- Selfie Station

8- Food Service/ Float to help or give breaks.

Total: 29

including 9 bussers

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