September Sweetheart Dance Agenda


Last month

-Renamed to more inclusive Sweetheart Dance. One available adult can now escort a young lady.

- Details: Friday, February 18th 6-9 PM


- Landslide win for Butterfly Kisses and Dandelion Wishes

*Budget $10,000

Venue - $2,900  The Regent- Booked

Caterer- $4,500 Bread Basket Deli- Pending

DJ- $500- DJ Nilla- Pending

Photographer- $300- 4 proposals coming - Oct

Invitations/Tickets- $250 - Oct

Beverages- $200 - November

Plates/Napkins/Cutlery- $200- NA if use BBDeli

Desserts- $500- Oct

Decorations- $650 - Monthly



Prior Years- Sold at 3 price points with incentive to purchase early. Invites sent out after Winter Break.

4 weeks prior- 2 weeks to purchase @ $20pp: 332  tickets= $6,640

2 weeks prior- 1 week to purchase @ $30pp: 94 tickets= $2,820

Week of- 4 days to purchase @  -$40pp: 18 tickets= $720

 444 tickets sold equaling $10,180 

Proposing 2 changes-

1. Send out invites before Winter Break to extend  purchase opportunity.


- Generate income to pay vendors

- More time for families to get reduced price

2.  Slightly increase prices.

- Ensure expenses are covered

- Successful Fundraiser

- Add an additional activity, keepsake or picture frame?

Proposed Timeline

Price 1- Starting 8 weeks prior- 3 weeks to purchase

Price 2- Starting 5 weeks prior- 5 weeks to purchase

           Price 3- Week of- 2 days to puchase


$25, $30, $45

Keeping mid range at same price point as prior years


$25, $35, $45


DJ Nilla- Winthrop Parent. Experienced with dances, has own equipment, including lighting, insured and within budget.


The Bread Basket Deli-

-Winthrop parent owned

- Large Selection Within Budget  

- Providing Plates, Silverware & Napkins

-Chaffing Dishes and Serving Utensils Included.

MENU Proposal

-Send a survey via Sign-Up Genius to get estimate of each dish.

Final Menu Vote :

Fruit or Ceaser Salad 

Mac Cheese, Regular or White Cheddar

* Monthly Meetings

-Set day, ie 2nd Tuesday each month. Suggestions?


-Vote on photographer 

-Invitations and tickets



- Flower Fundraiser

*Volunteer Opportunities

For those of you that have asked to actively participate at the dance:             

Area Leads

Guide Volunteers, explain duties and assist

Check-in Tables:  2 tables with 3-4 volunteers each

Greeters (2):Upon arrival, direct to check-in tables.

Bussers:  Appoint each volunteer tables to clear

Food Service (2):Appoint each volunteer dishes to serve.

Photographer (2): Collect tickets possibly put in frames


Get proposals from various grocer, Winthrop fam , Cost Co etc


- Ask Hart for kids to make craft that we can incorporate.  Butterfly craft to make into garland? 

- Color Palate

- Share Ideas

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